Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Laser States Action on Lake Sampsonvale


Well what a day at the QLD RC Laser Championships held at Lake Samsonvale and hosted by Lake Samsonvale Water Sports Association (LSWSA) and it’s duly appointed Race Committee.LasersDownwindClipped

With very little wind and extremely patchy and multidirectional breeze all day it was a very frustrating and almost a game of chance on the water today.

I’m not sure there was a single race where we would start with the breeze to the East for 2 minutes with a lull of 5 minutes and boats floating around the course with the wind then coming from the West to the finish. A couple of races we started the course sailing downwind only then to turn at the top mark and sail back downwind.

We would continually swap the course direction between races to match the easterly and then westerly winds which caught out a few people wondering if the left side of the course was a gate or a top and clearing mark. Very confusing. With the lack of breeze it was a day with plenty of penalties with boats coming together as well as several mark touches which sorted out the fleet positions on several occasions.

Laser Winners Clipped After an early lunch break we were all hoping the breeze would come in post lunch but it only led to more disappointment. After 8 races the call was made to vote on if it was worth continuing or not, with the decision to call it a day voted in by all.

Congratulations to Peter Burford (1, centre) Garry Russell (2, RHS) and Geoffrey Morris (3) on their podium positions and a very special thanks to the LSWSA and the volunteers who help organise and run the event. Without them, there would be no RC Sailing, so thank you again. Special mention and thanks to Ian Ashe (PRO) and David Black for looking after the scoring of the event.

Cheers and good winds to all…

BK (on behalf on the PRYC members)

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