Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Radio Sailors Help Line flooded after Nationals Cancellation.

CallCentreThe RC Help Line Call Centre is adding an extra shift to go 24 hours   21 August 2021

The QRYA 1800 help line received record calls yesterday following the announcement that the RC Laser and DF national championships have been postponed till next year.  This added to the emotional angst created by the cancellation of the 10 Rater, Marblehead and A Class events scheduled for Western Australia in September.  In response to these desperate calls for help, rumour has it that the association is hastily modifying half of the 11th floor to extend the call centre.  If that doesn't keep the wait time to less than 90 minutes they will have to reluctanly outsource to India.

Adding to the associations problems, irate radio sailors gathered in front of the QRYA building in the CBD yesterday protesting at the decisions made by the State Committee.

Spokesman for the estimated 4,500 protesters addressed them with a bullhorn hastily fabricated from what looked like the front end of a cracked DF95 hull.  Turning to the crowd ...

"It's an absolute disgrace that our representatives have denied us our fundamental human rights to race at National level just because of some virus that no one here in Queensland has ever seen!  An absolute disgrace!" 

What do we want?ProtestNationalsThe protesters yesterday

Our Nationals!

When do we want them?


The spokesman agreed to say a few words to the press. 

"I'm only wearing this mask so I can't be identified and persecuted by these bastards, not because of some stupid bug, no, of course not.   Look, Radio Sailing Events are the backbone of the economy of the Gold Coast and other capital cities around Australia, without them everything will stop, thousands will be unemployed as a result of this disgraceful mismanagement." he said waving his arms about for emphasis.  "The offer from their Marketing Department to supply jumping castles for a day to help sell unused over-priced event merchandise to kiddies and passers-by, just does not cut it!"

"Aside from the loss of spectator ticket sales, the virus is hanging around like an annoying drunk uncle who can't find a taxi.  So if something happens to the IOM Nationals as well, there are sailors we will need to put a 24x7 watch on.  It's a tragedy!"

We contacted the CEO of the Queensland Radio Yachting Association for comment but he has not returned our calls.  Later, we received a message from his Secretary to say that someone called Brenton would get back to us soon.

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